US-China relations likely to remain on an unstable course,

Maleeha Lodhi, former Pakistani ambassador to the US, Britain and the UN

Dr Henry Kissinger warns that the turbulent relationship between the United States  and China carries the seeds of war.

President Joe Biden describes ties between the two as ”extreme competition”, not conflict. The latest US intelligence report casts China as America’s top national security threat. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says there are three aspects of the relationship with China – adversarial, competitive and cooperative. […]

Limits are also imposed by the unenthusiastic response from countries Washington is wooing for its anti-China alliance.

Even close European allies, with economic equities in ties with China, are reluctant to be drawn into such a coalition. Mr Biden told the Munich conference in April that the US and its allies faced ”long-term strategic competition” with China and needed to stand up to its ”economic abuses and coercion”.

But Europe, much less the rest of the world, does not see it the same way. German Chancellor Angela Merkel says so openly, Japan is reluctant to sanction Beijing and other Asian countries are even less willing to join any contain-China coalition. Whether this reality urges the US towards a conciliatory policy is to be seen. Läs artikel