The Blob Is Back and It’s Ready for War,

Doug Bandow, senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Be very afraid: Joe Biden plans to set the world right. Expect a return to the past. Not so much to Barack Obama, but to Bill Clinton. Biden says America is back, which likely means as sanctimonious nanny wielding a metaphorical AK-47 to enforce its wishes. The ride will be dramatically different, and potentially much worse, than the experience over the last four years. […]

Biden would replace the Trump administration’s costly fixation on Iran with an even more dangerous focus on Russia. Yet the latter is a declining great power that could be held in check by Europe and should be aligned with the West rather than China. Biden said surprisingly little about China, which he called a “competitor” in his article but addressed more critically in the campaign, and North Korea, with which he wants to negotiate but would set conditions of uncertain realism.

Tony Blinken, set to be secretary of state, admitted that the Obama administration, in which he served as national security advisor, bungled Syria. But instead of recognizing that the U.S. should have avoided the multi‐​sided civil war, he believes America should have gotten more deeply involved, presumably meaning direct military invention. Ronald Reagan tried that with disastrous results in Lebanon’s civil war more than three decades ago. Moreover, Blinken was heedless of the Constitution, arguing that the president should have attacked Syria without congressional authorization. Läs artikel