Sergei Shoigu lines up a circumpolar cruise,

Shoigu presented his new project during this week’s prize award ceremony of the Russian Geographical Society. Several of Russia’s leading researchers and explorers were awarded for their expeditions, and the Northern Fleet itself got the most prestigious prize for its voyage across the Northern Sea Route in 2020.

The defence minister, who is also President of the Society, made clear that his military men will in no way reduce efforts to explore far northern waters.

“Before us are a great number of beautiful projects,” he underlined and explained to the audience that an expedition around the North Pole now is on the agenda. Reportedly, no such expedition has ever been undertaken. The plan builds on proposals from Frederik Paulsen, the Swedish businessman who is also a member of the Geographical Society. During a supervisory board meeting in April this year, Paulsen underlined that Russia should initiate an international circumpolar voyage that includes visits to all the archipelagos of the Arctic. Läs artikel