Security Council: Ukraine, 5 april,

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ANTÓNIO GUTERRES, Secretary-General of the United Nations   “We are dealing with the full-fledged invasion, on several fronts, of one Member State of the United Nations, Ukraine, by another, the Russian Federation — a permanent member of the Security Council — in violation of the United Nations Charter, and with several aims, including redrawing the internationally recognized borders between the two countries,” he said.  He said he will never forget the horrifying images of civilians killed in Bucha and had immediately called for an independent investigation to guarantee effective accountability…

“For all these reasons, it is more urgent by the day to silence the guns,” he emphasized, noting that he had asked the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, to travel to the Russian Federation and Ukraine to press for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire…

“The war in Ukraine must stop — now,” he said, stressing the need for serious peace negotiations, based on Charter principles.

LINDA THOMAS-GREENFIELD (United States)   Based on available data, her delegation determined that the Russian forces committed war crimes in Ukraine.  Describing how the Russian Federation is sending Ukrainians to their “filtration camps”, she condemned Moscow’s literal disrespect for human rights.  The United States seeks suspension of the Russian Federation from the Human Rights Council.

Mr. NEBENZIA (Russian Federation)  He accused Ukraine’s President of laying blame at the feet of the Russian military, criminally staging events when, in fact, Ukrainian civilians were killed by their own radicals.  As it turns out, Russian forces should not have withdrawn from Bucha.  Describing flagrant inconsistencies being promoted by Ukraine and the Western media, he cited recordings of Ukrainian radicals shooting civilians.  To the video presented to the Council, he responded that the corpses “in no way” resemble those who reportedly had been on the ground for four days.  The only dilatants who could fall for this fake are Western countries, who in fact do not care about Ukraine.

RONALDO COSTA FILHO (Brazil) echoed calls for an independent and thorough investigation of the recent human rights violations in Ukraine, while reiterating pleas for a broad, effective and immediate cessation of hostilities.

T.S. TIRUMURTI (India) said that since the Council last discussed Ukraine, the security and humanitarian situations have only deteriorated.  Describing recent reports of civilian killings in Bucha as deeply disturbing and condemning them unequivocally, he called for an independent investigation and expressed his hope that the international community will continue to respond to Ukraine’s humanitarian needs.  India supports calls urging for safe passage guarantees to deliver essential humanitarian and medical supplies and has been sending aid to Ukraine and its neighbours.  It continues to call for the immediate cessation of violence and an end to hostilities.

ZHANG JUN (China) welcomed the round of talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, urging the international community to create space for diplomacy, instead of creating obstacles and adding fuel to the fire…

Turning to the disturbing images from Bucha, he said they must be verified before jumping to conclusions and accusations.  Citing the negative impact of sanctions on developing countries, he said such measures are not effective and only accelerate the spillover effects.  Indiscriminate sanctions are tantamount to weaponizing the world economy, he pointed out, deploring that more than 30 years after the end of the cold war, geopolitical risks remain.  Stressing the need to uphold sovereignty of States, he said that smaller countries should not be caught between the great Powers and must not be forced to take sides.

NATHALIE BROADHURST ESTIVAL (France), stressing that the war of aggression has reached a new threshold of horror following events in Bucha, Borodianka and Motyiyn, condemned in the strongest terms the atrocities committed by Russian forces, which could constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Norge (inget namn ännu) : “Russia is desperate to hide the truth about the war,” she said.  However, atrocities must be investigated and those responsible must be brought to justice.  She welcomed the establishment by the Human Rights Council of a Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine and urged the International Criminal Court to investigate all alleged violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law, while urging Moscow and anyone holding evidence to fully cooperate with those investigations. Läs referatet