Secretary-General’s remarks at joint press encounter with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following Libya Conference,

[…] Question: What role do you see Europe playing going forward? Will there be a monitoring mission with European troops?

Answer: Well, I’m very worried by the fact that several ports, several harbors from where oil is exported, have been blocked and that one very important oil field is also stopping after today. […]

But first, we need to have a ceasefire. We cannot monitor something that doesn’t exist. So we need to have a ceasefire. We have a truce, and one simple question is that all the participants today committed to support the ceasefire and committed to put pressure on the parties to conflicts for a full ceasefire to be reached.

Second, once we have a successful ceasefire, we need to have a long talk about how monitoring can be established in different ways. It will of course, require discussion with the parties to the conflict that will be accepted by the parties to the conflict and it will require that eventually the Security Council agree on a decision and, obviously, eventually, several international organizations will be involved, it’s early to say. […]

Question: What was achieved today that was different from before?

We have witnessed for months and months the progressive escalation of the conflict. But that escalation has reached in the last few days, a very dangerous dimension.

Now, we have an escalation of the Libyan conflict with some foreign interference. We were facing the risk of a true regional escalation and that risk was averted in Berlin provided of course that it is possible to maintain the truce and that it will lead to a ceasefire. But that escalation that was taking place and was becoming extremely dangerous, today there is a strong commitment to stop it. And this is a very important result of the Berlin Conference.

Question: There’s already a Security Council resolution imposing an arms embargo in Libya, why was this communiqué necessary?

We are witnessing something that is totally unacceptable. It’s a constant violation of international law. Security Council resolutions that are not being respected. So I am totally convinced that the members of the Security Council need to assume their responsibilities for the body itself to be taken seriously in the context of the Libyan conflict. Läs intervjun