Scholz’s resounding message to Turkey: “Disputing sovereignty by a NATO partner is not acceptable”,

[…] It remains to be seen whether it will be the basis for other equipment agreements for Greece, which faces Turkey’s constant threats. The German chancellor does not share the direct comparison with the war in Ukraine. However,he sent a clear message to Erdogan: “Challenging the sovereignty of one NATO partner by another is not acceptable.” He offered to mediate, to the extent that Athens and Ankara deem it useful. […]

Greece faces similar territorial claims from Turkey, as in the case of Ukraine. The tension with Turkey in the Aegean is intensifying, with open threats against Greece, which call into question the sovereignty of the Greek islands on the Greek – and therefore European – borders in the Eastern Aegean. Can Greece count on Germany’s support for this?

The conditions, in our view, cannot be compared and I would recommend avoiding such comparisons. However, one thing is true: It is not acceptable for one NATO partner to challenge the sovereignty of another. This also applies to more or less veiled military threats. Good neighborly relations between Greece and Turkey are important not only for the two countries, but also for the whole of Europe. The German federal government maintains that open issues between the two countries must be resolved through dialogue and on the basis of international law. Our common goal, our vision should be to exploit the entire economic potential of the Eastern Mediterranean region. For the good of all countries. To the extent deemed useful by those involved, Germany can contribute to this. Läs intervjun