Russia forces Nato fighter jets into action as Putin takes on Biden – planes scrambled,

NATO Air Command tweeted: ”NATO and Partner nations scrambled fighters to meet increased Russian air activity across the Baltic Sea. Spanish, Italian, Polish and Danish fighters met the Russian aircraft to ensure the safety and security of the Baltic Sea Airspace. Partners Sweden and Finland also joined.”

This comes just days after the Kremlin intercepted a US spy plane.

The Russian Pacific Fleet carried out a military exercise in the Pacific Ocean that involved 20 warships and several ships. The drill was carried out on June 10 to practice responding to a simulated enemy attack. On the same day as the drill, Russia’s Eastern Military District reported they intercepted an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance plane over the Pacific Ocean.

The Russian military said: ”The crew of the Russian fighter identified the air target as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 of the US Air Force and escorted it over the Pacific Ocean.” They added: ”After the foreign military aircraft was turned away from the state border of Russia, the Russian fighter returned safely to its home base.” Läs artikel