RAF Typhoons train with United States B-1B Bombers and NATO allies, raf.mod.uk

Aircraft from the Royal Air Force have been carrying out intensive training sorties with US strategic bomber aircraft over the North Sea.

The Royal Air Force aircraft from RAF stations Lossiemouth, Waddington and Brize Norton were launched, to escort USAF B-1B Lancer bombers, that were conducting their latest long-range training sortie. The US aircraft are part of the US based 28th Bomb Wing, Bomber Task Force and took off from their home base at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. The training has also included other NATO and allied nations.

The B-1Bs were met by the RAF Typhoons over the North Sea and were escorted towards the Baltic region where the escort was handed over to Swedish Gripen fighter jets. […]

For the first time the B-1Bs flew over Sweden to conduct integration training with Swedish Gripen fighters and conducting close-air support training with Swedish Joint Terminal Attack Controller ground teams.  On leaving Swedish airspace the B-1Bs were joined by Norwegian F-35As and conducted a low-approach over Ørland Air Station, Norway. […]

He added: “These missions also offer a unique opportunity to test and refine the complex network of Air Command and Control, Intelligence and Space based operations that are essential to delivering front line RAF capabilities.” Läs artikel