Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders,

Ambassadör Bolton:

Earlier today, Secretary of State Pompeo made a very important announcement regarding the President’s decision to terminate the 1955 Treaty of Amity with Iran — a treaty Iran made a mockery of with its support for terrorism, provocative ballistic missiles proliferation, and malign behavior throughout the Middle East. […]

In addition to the Treaty of Amity, I am announcing that the President has decided that the United States will withdraw from the Optional Protocol and Dispute Resolution to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. This is in connection with a case brought by the so-called “State of Palestine,” naming the United States as a defendant, challenging our move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

I’d like to stress: The United States remains a party to the underlying Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and we expect all other parties to abide by their international obligations under the Convention. Läs referatet från presskonferensen