Polish, Belgian Air Force F-16 Fighter Jets To Take Part In NATO Training Flights Over Estonia, eurasiantimes.com

Polish Air Force F-16 fighter jets will take part in NATO training flights over Estonia next week, along with the similar aircraft from Belgium, the country’s defense forces said on Monday.

“From January 10-16, training flights at low altitude in Estonia’s airspace will be carried out not only by the pilots of the Belgian air force F-16 fighters stationed at the Amari airbase near Tallinn, but also by their Polish colleagues who are serving on military aircraft of the same brand in Lithuania,” the Estonian Defense Forces said. […]

On Tuesday, the US Air Force deployed F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets in Poland, so that the aircraft “work with the Polish Baltic Air Policing F-16s in Siauliai, Lithuania and enhanced Air Policing Belgian F-16s in Amari, Estonia,” the Allied Air Command said. Läs artikel