Paavo Väyrynen: ”Finland’s membership of NATO would make no sense”,

Former Centre Party President Paavo Väyrynen writes on his blog that the debate on Finland’s possible membership of NATO is based on incorrect assessments of the situation, unfounded fears and deceiving images.

Väyrynen says that ”Finland’s membership of NATO would make no sense.” According to Väyrynen, Finland is not subject to a separate military threat.

”Thanks to Finland’s successful security policy, our position is strong. Finland is a militarily non-aligned, neutral country. We will not allow our territory to be used for hostile purposes against other countries. As an independent, neutral country, we can stay out of wars and military conflicts,” Väyrynen says.

According to Väyrynen, Finland has a credible independent defence.

”Finland’s army is one of the strongest in the whole of Europe. They are equipped and trained specifically for finnish conditions. (–) Here we have both a credible deterrent and a strong security guarantee! Väyrynen writes.

He points out that Finland also has bilateral and multilateral cooperation relationships that support Finland’s national defence.

”In this respect, the situation has recently become clearer in contacts with the United States and Sweden.

According to Väyrynen, the non-alignment between Finland and Sweden maintains stability in the countries’ neighbouring regions. ”However, if a military conflict were to arise or spread here, we would take advantage of the existing cooperation relationships and arrangements. Väyrynen says that NATO-Finland would be responsible for the defence of Estonia and the other Baltic states.

–Could we afford to send a significant part of our army to defend Estonia and the other Baltic states? It wouldn’t be, Väyrynen writes.

According to Väyrynen, Finland would also be obliged to participate in NATO operations far beyond our country’s borders. Från sammandrag på finska