Norway closes main air base above Arctic Circle,

Fighter jets have been stationed at Bodø since 1955 and the air base was Norway’s most important throughout the Cold War and until today.

Located some 80 km inside the Arctic Circle, Bodø is strategically placed on the coast to the Norwegian Sea and in short flying distance to guard the northern air space against Russian military aviation flying out from the Kola Peninsula.

The closure of the air base also marks the end to 40 years of F-16 as the main fighter jet in the Norwegian Air Force.

The new fleet of F-35s is based at Ørland Air Base in southern Norway, but a few will also serve as NATO’s new QRA at Evenes Air Station near Harstad in the north. So far, 24 of 52 new F-35 have arrived in Norway. By 2025, all the new planes will be in service. Läs artikel