New Barnaul-T air defense system comes to motorized rifle brigade in Pechenga,

Servicemen from the Northern Fleet’s 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade had spent four months in the training field of Yeisk in southern Russia to learn to handle the system. This week, they used their new acquired skills in one of the shooting ranges in Pechenga, few kilometers from the border to Norway and Finland.

“We have been waiting a long time for this equipment,” says Anatoly Raskevich, head of a local missile calculation unit, told Army broadcaster TV Zvezda. “We are very happy and satisfied that we have acquired this technology and can work properly with the combat machines and the command point,” he added.

The Barnaul-T enables the local units to significantly enhance their air space surveillance and track down flying enemy objects. That includes drones, local instructors explain. Läs artikel