NATO destroyers near Crimea – to sink or not to sink?

The Russian Defense Ministry gave its assessment to the crisis that took place in the Black Sea to HMS Defender of the British Navy, which violated the Russian state border. According to Major-General Igor Konashenkov, the official representative for the Defence Ministry, the British destroyer suffered an ”epic fiasco.”
Konashenkov’s statement came as a response to the recent remarks from Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who claimed that, according to the British Ministry of Defence, the information about the warning shots for the British destroyer was nothing but ”Russian disinformation.” […]
Russia and the West are currently much closer to war than they were during the times of the Cuban missile crisis, when it seemed that the war was inevitable. The Soviets were ordered to stop in time, whereas the Americans were ordered not to provoke. The world could live on those agreements for 60 years.

When HMS Defender of the Royal Navy of the UK traveled from Ukraine to Georgia through the Russian territorial waters near Sevastopol, Great Britain deliberately invaded the Russian territory.

The Russians sent warning messages to the British crew, and when they remained unanswered, they opened warning shots on the ship. Obviously, the British did not want to start a fight with Type 45 destroyer with a displacement of more than 8,000 tons.

It also seems obvious that the Brits did not even assume that the Russians would dare to sink them. No matter what the motives of the British ship were, the crew of the British naval destroyer entered the Russian territorial waters being fully prepared for real combat action. Läs artikel