Mali: will ECOWAS defend France or Africa?

While two extraordinary ECOWAS and WAEMU summits devoted to Mali will be held in Accra on Sunday, the Malian transitional authorities and the international community have started a standoff. Who will win?

The Malian dossier is undoubtedly one of the hottest at the start of 2022, for Africa. The military junta, which took power in August 2020, has been in the sights of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) since last May. […]

We are therefore heading inexorably towards a confrontation between Mali and ECOWAS. Assimi Goïta knows full well that, although Mali risks going to clash, especially after the tensions between his country and the sub-regional organization, ECOWAS cannot afford to leave Mali on the sidelines for too long. […]

A military cooperation between Mali and Russia much more assumed by Bamako, from now on. ”We have received new planes and military equipment” from the Russians, the Malian army spokesman told Reuters on Thursday. “It costs less to train in their use on site than there (in Russia, editor’s note). What’s the problem ? », Asks the military official. Läs artikel