Macron blocks Boris on sending tanks to Ukraine as NATO tensions surge over ’red line’,

The Prime Minister has been trying to convince NATO allies to provide more help to Ukraine after President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded at a NATO-EU-G7 summit in Brussels for ”1 percent of all your planes, 1 percent of all your tanks”. Mr Johnson conceded it would be a challenge to give Mr Zelensky the tanks he has demanded to fight against the Russian invaders. The Prime Minister said it would ”logistically” be ”very difficult” during the NATO summit on Thursday, March 24.

But Mr Johnson said allies would strive to give Mr Zelensky weapons ”in the quantity and of the quality” he needs to defend his nation from the Russian invasion.

He pledged more missiles and a new deployment of UK troops to Bulgaria, while doubling personnel in Poland and Estonia to boost Nato on the eastern flanks.

French President Emmanuel Macron categorically rejected the idea of providing Ukraine with more tanks, as hinted at by Mr Johnson, calling it a ”red line”. Läs artikel