“Joint training of forces is a condition necessary for a reliable regional defence”, Lithuanian and Swedish Defence Ministers say, kam.lt

…Among the most important points of discussion was multinational military exercises where troops of both, Lithuania and Sweden, train. “Interaction would be of decisive meaning for mutual defence of the region in case of necessity, therefore we have to continue training our soldiers in joint exercise,” P. Hultqvist underscored. R. Karoblis stressed that joint exercises with NATO partners is a significant means of deterrence and sends a clear signal of NATO’s unity and readiness to defence to a potential adversary. Minister R. Karoblis pointed out the importance of Sweden to NATO’s defence planning in the region and invited Sweden to train in military exercises in Lithuania and the Baltic states more actively.

The Ministers gave great focus to the European Union initiatives of strengthening the dimension of defence. Both countries a part of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) aimed at strengthening the cooperation among European Union countries in security and defence. Ministers agreed that in the face of intensified Russian propaganda and information attacks it was particularly important to strengthen EU defence cooperation and demonstrate unity. Läs artikel