Huge Russian weapons testing playground again overlaps into Norwegian EEZ,

Thomas Nilsen, editor of the Independent Barents Observer

Danger zone is activated from Friday, May 27 to Tuesday, May 31 and covers an area nearly the size of Finland.

Civilian aviation and shipping are warned to stay away from the White- and Barents Seas, from the Dvina Bay in the south to 73°27’ North in the Barents Sea. The danger area covers the airspace over the Kola Peninsula as well, a strong indication that a missile will be launched from somewhere in the White Sea to a target somewhere in the Barents Sea with a flight pattern across land.

On several occasions over the last two years have NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) warnings been issued in some of the same areas as Russia has tested its new hypersonic Tsirkon cruise missile. Last December, though, was first time the coordinates for a few nautical miles overlapped into Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). […]

He underlines that such military activities are fully legal since it takes place well outside Norway’s territorial waters. Åtland, however, noted that overlapping areas is something new.

“In the past, Russia’s missile launches and live-fire exercises in the High North typically took place either in Russia’s or in Norway’s EEZ. Now we are seeing more Russian overlapping NOTAMs between the two countries’ economic zones.” Läs artikel