How can the Nordic countries and Russia promote peace? Nordic-Russia seminar Oslo 14.11.2021,

Erkki Tuomioja, tidigare Finlands utrikesminister

The end of the Cold War after the collapse of the USSR did not bring about the kind of détente and rapprochement that many had hoped for; on the contrary we are again living in a world of heightened tensions, use of military power politics and an arms race.

I am of the view that the West made many mistakes in its treatment of Russia 30 years ago.

The Eastern Partnership as an example. I recall how Sergei Lavrov some ten years ago at a lunch meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers told us, that when the EU started its EP with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine Russia proposed to the Commission that they would like to be invited as observers, but received no reply from the EU. Not one of the 28 ministers or the Commissioner present at the table commented this in any way. […]

The Nordic Council is committed to enhancing peaceful cooperation and stability. The Council commissioned a report published in 2019 called New Nordic Peace: Nordic Peace and Conflict Resolution Effort. All the Nordic countries are known for their commitment to the UN and multilateral cooperation, for their contributions to peace keeping and crisis management operations and for their efforts at conflict resolution. Läs artikel