Government accused of making Britain ’reliant on others’ for defence as 37 Nato aircraft deployed to Scotland, Independent

The Government has been accused of leaving Britain “reliant on the goodwill of others” for its security as figures revealed Nato allies deployed almost 40 planes to a key airbase.

Tobias Ellwood, the minister for defence, said 37 maritime patrol aircraft – including planes from the US, Germany and France – were temporarily deployed to RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland last year.

The number of aircraft from Nato states at the base has increased by 76 per cent from 21 in 2015, according figures revealed in answer to a written parliamentary question from the Shadow Defence Secretary, Nia Griffith…

The UK used Nimrod planes for the task for decades, but a project to replace its ageing fleet was scrapped by the Coalition in 2010 amid delays and rising costs in a decision Labour said now looks “downright reckless”.

”As an island nation, the ability to patrol our own shores and protect our key military assets is absolutely essential,” Ms Griffith said.

”As Labour said at the time, the Tories’ decision in 2010 to cut up our Nimrod aircraft and sell them for scrap was a serious mistake. It now looks downright reckless.” Läs artikel