Full speed ahead in rearmament of the Kola Peninsula, Shoigu told military commanders, thebarentsobserver.com

In the televised speech, Shoigu said the events in recent months show how important it is for Russia to continue to improve its army.

He then listed some key areas of priority, among them the rearmament of the Kola Peninsula, a region in Russia’s northwestern corner bordering Norway and Finland. Here, north of Murmansk, the Northern Fleet has its fleet of ballistic nuclear missile submarines.

Last year, the Northern Fleet got status similar to a military district, with the responsibility for both Russia’s northwestern regions and the Arctic, including the archipelagoes where renewed airfields and air defense systems are deployed.

“In 2022, we continue to increase the combat capabilities of groupings of forces, we are actively building up combat potential and carrying our rearmament,” Shoigu said, and could tell that “more than 500 units of modern weapons will be delivered.” […]

The Barents Observer has previously reported about satellite images showing several tens of new large bunkers for missiles storage being constructed in Okolnaya Bay across the waters from Severomorsk, the Headquarters of the Northern Fleet north of Murmansk.

Also, a brand new port facility for loading ballistic missiles and other weaponry onto submarines is built on the shores of the same bay. […]

One of the objects, in the satellite image below, seems to become a reinforced giant bunker with four chambers. It is not known what kind of weapons will be stored and maintained in the new facility. However, as reported earlier, the Northern Fleet will be the first in Russia to get a storage and maintenance facility for the new hypersonic Tsirkon missiles. Läs artikel