Finland Joining NATO Would More Than Double Bloc’s Border with Russia,

Russia’s border with NATO members would more than double should Finland decide to join the military bloc this year.

NATO’s land border with Russia would increase to 1,586 miles if the Nordic country decides to pursue membership status.

Finland and Sweden are debating whether to join the military alliance, potentially ending decades of neutral foreign policy towards Russia, after the Kremlin ordered the invasion of non-NATO member Ukraine in late February.

The military alliance now shares a land border of 754 miles with Russia, according to NATO’s own statistics. Currently, Russia borders NATO members Poland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania in Europe. But should Finland join the defensive alliance it would add 832 miles to NATO’s existing border with Russia.

While Sweden’s close proximity to Russia would prove to be a strategic asset to the bloc, it does not share a border with the country. Läs artikel