Corvette sailed north via inner waterways and launched Kalibr cruise missile,

It was the corvette “Mytishchi”, normally based in Kaliningrad, that sailed north to the White Sea, from where a Kalibr cruise missile was launched towards a coastal target at the Chizha shooting range at Cape Kanin in the eastern Barents Sea.

The small warship of the Karakurt class corvette had then sailed some 3,700 km through the Neva River in St. Petersburg, via Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega and further north through the White Sea Canal to the White Sea, the Defense Ministry reports.

The White Sea Canal was built by Gulag prisoners in the Stalin period and connects Lake Onega with Lake Vygozero, from where the river and lakes flow north to Belomorsk on the coast of the White Sea.

The missile launch from “Mytishchi” happened on August 23.

Kalibr is a cruise missile developed for submarines, aircraft, or surface vessels. The latter has a range of more than 500 km, can fly with a supersonic speed of Mach 2.9, and carry a 200 kg warhead. The Russian navy has actively used Kalibr cruise missiles in the wars in Syria and lately in the war on Ukraine.

During the navy exercise, the much larger nuclear-powered battle cruiser “Pyotr Velikye” launched a Granit cruise missile from the Barents Sea at a target on Novaya Zemlya, the Defense Ministry informs in another statement. Läs artikel