At UN, Iran proposes ‘coalition for hope’ to pull Gulf region from ‘edge of collapse’,

The Gulf region is “on the edge of collapse”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told world leaders on Wednesday at the annual high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly, saying that “a single blunder can fuel a big fire”. […]

Further, as he told the Assembly that Iran would not negotiate on the issue of its nuclear program as long as sanctions remain in place.

“Our response to any negotiation under sanctions is negative,” he said.

Moreover, he continued, “we shall not tolerate the provocative intervention of foreigners”, saying “we shall respond decisively and strongly to any sort of transgression to and violation of our security and territorial integrity”. […]

“I should like to invite all the countries directly affected by the developments in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz to the Coalition for Hope meaning Hormuz Peace Endeavor,” stated President Rouhani.

He explained the Coalition’s goal as one of promoting “peace, stability, progress and welfare” for all the residents of the region and enhancing mutual understanding and friendly relations among them. According to Mr. Rouhani, the initiative includes “various venues for cooperation”, such as the collective supply of energy security, freedom of navigation and free transfer of oil and other resources to and from the Strait of Hormuz and beyond.

The Coalition is based on principles, such as compliance with UN goals and principles, mutual respect, dialog and understanding, and, most importantly, the “two fundamental principles of non-aggression and non-interference in the domestic affairs of each other,” he said. Läs artikel