Allies and Partners Practice Air Policing Scenarios over Baltic Sea,

Exercise Ramstein Alloy covers two days of training practicing real-world scenarios faced by Air Policing personnel deployed in the Baltic region. This training is vital to the Baltic Air Policing and enhanced Air Policing detachments. This year’s exercise participants come from Allies Spain, Germany, Czechia, France, Turkey and Belgium, as well as Partners Sweden and Finland.

”Allied fighters train consistently throughout the year with Allies and Partners to maintain the highest levels of readiness and performance,” said Lieutenant General Pascal Delerce, Deputy Commander Allied Air Command. ”Exercises such as Ramstein Alloy are the foundation of our Air Policing mission, which is a part of the 360 degree deterrence of the Euro-Atlantic Area,” he added.

The main scenarios the participants conduct are slow moving intercept and civilian communication loss with escort. Other training areas include a simulated crew ejection with activation of the Search and Rescue chain, air-to-air combat training and air-to-air refueling. Läs artikel